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Peacock & Arches Pichwai Coffee Mug

Peacock & Arches Pichwai Coffee Mug

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Indulge in the rich heritage of Pichwai art with our Peacock & Arches Pichwai Coffee Mug.

Each brushstroke, from the intricate details of the arches to the expressive eyes of the peacocks, reflects the remarkable skill and dedication of Pichwai artisans. Owning this mug isn't just about enjoying your favorite drink; it's about connecting with a rich cultural tradition.

Originating from the vibrant state of Rajasthan in India, Pichwai is a traditional painting style primarily used to adorn the backdrops of Hindu temples, particularly those dedicated to Lord Krishna. These paintings boast intricate designs, bold figures, and a vibrant array of colors, capturing the essence of different themes that change with the seasons.

Order your Peacock & Arches Pichwai Coffee Mug today and let the vibrant spirit of Pichwai enrich your daily life!

Material: Ceramic
Size: 11oz / 325ml

Please note that colors in the photo might slightly differ from the actual product due to change of medium and lighting conditions.

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