A Guide to Indian Contemporary Art

Imagine walls that whisper stories, colors that dance with your soul, and textures that sing of ancient wisdom. This is the power of Indian contemporary art, ready to transform your home into a vibrant haven. Don't worry if navigating this artistic wonderland seems tricky - Purple Ray, your art curator buddy, is here to guide you!

Warli Folk Art

Warli's Whimsy: Step into a world of dancing stick figures and earthy tones. Warli art, an Indian contemporary art style born in the tribal villages of Maharashtra, brings alive myths and legends with simple lines and vibrant dots. Adorn your walls with playful animals and joyful rituals, like a window peeping into a joyous celebration. Purple Ray's Warli collection lets you bring this storytelling magic into your living space, adding a touch of playful charm.

Madhubani Folk Art

Madhubani's Mystique: Delve into the intricate brushstrokes and captivating narratives of Madhubani art. From Bihar's Mithila region, this style whispers tales of gods and goddesses, nature's bounty, and everyday life, all in vibrant greens, reds, and yellows. Let delicate floral patterns and rhythmic borders grace your home & living space, creating a calming sanctuary infused with ancient wisdom. Explore Purple Ray's Madhubani collection and find the perfect piece to awaken your inner storyteller.

Pichwai Art

Pichwai's Devotion: Witness the vibrant tapestry of faith and artistry in Pichwai paintings. Traditionally adorning Lord Krishna's altar, these intricate works from Rajasthan bring devotional scenes and motifs to life in bold colors and captivating details. Adorn your living room and kitchen with a stunning Pichwai, inviting a sense of serenity and cultural richness into your space. Purple Ray's curated collection offers a glimpse into the heart of this sacred art form, letting you bring its divine beauty into your home.


A Dance of the Five Elements: Beyond individual styles, Indian contemporary art often draws inspiration from the ancient wisdom of the Pancha Tatva – the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. Artists weave these elements into their creations, evoking their inherent energies and interconnectedness. Some artists even explore the vastness of space, inviting viewers to contemplate the infinite and the unseen forces that bind us all. Through this engagement with the Pancha Tatva, contemporary artists offer a captivating glimpse into the fundamental forces that shape our world and our inner selves.

Beyond the Canvas: Indian contemporary art isn't just about paintings! Discover captivating sculptures that sing of ancient forms and modern expressions. Be mesmerized by installations that blend light, sound, and found objects, creating immersive experiences that spark your imagination. Purple Ray brings you the magic of these diverse styles, helping you find the perfect piece to transform your space into a gallery of the senses.


Finding Your Perfect Match: With so much artistic goodness to choose from, where do you start? Purple Ray makes it easy! Browse curated collections by style, color, mood, or even room. Our friendly art experts are always here to guide you, helping you find the artwork that speaks to your soul and complements your space.

From Studio to Sanctuary: No need to feel overwhelmed! Purple Ray takes the guesswork out of art placement and lighting. We'll help you find the perfect spot to showcase your chosen masterpiece, transforming your home into a museum-worthy haven that reflects your unique artistic vibe.

Let the Journey Begin: Learning about Indian contemporary art is an adventure! Visit local galleries, attend art festivals, and let the vibrant streets inspire you. With every new piece you discover, your understanding deepens, your appreciation grows. Purple Ray is your partner on this artistic odyssey, always ready to guide and support you as you build your own home art gallery.

Embrace the magic of Indian contemporary art and let Purple Ray help you transform your home into a vibrant canvas of soul and story. Explore our curated collections, connect with our experts, and embark on an artistic journey that will leave you breathless.

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Vidula Sathe, the artistic force behind Purple Ray, believes homes are more than walls – they're canvases for your soul. With over 20 years weaving design magic, her passion lies in bridging the gap between art and everyday life. Through Purple Ray's curated collections, she invites you to embrace your own artistic journey, one brushstroke at a time.

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