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Vidula Sathe: Founder & Design Visionary at Purple Ray

Vidula Sathe | Purple Ray Art & Design

In the vibrant world of Purple Ray, where contemporary art meets home decor, Vidula Sathe reigns as the creative alchemist. More than just the founder and design mastermind, she's the soul infused in every brushstroke, every handcrafted detail, every curated piece that transforms houses into havens.

With over 20 years of design magic under her belt, Vidula isn't just an artist. She's a storyteller, a weaver of emotions, a translator of dreams into tangible beauty. From logos that dance with brand personality to living spaces that resonate with individual spirits, her creations breathe life into every corner they touch.

But for Vidula, design isn't just an aesthetic pursuit. It's a bridge connecting the artist within us all to the art that fuels our souls. Through Purple Ray, she curates a vibrant tapestry of artistic voices, offering unique pieces that ignite conversations, spark creativity, and celebrate the individuality of every home.

Her journey began with a simple belief: Everyone deserves a space that reflects their soul, a canvas where colors whisper their stories, and textures sing their unique melodies. Fueled by this passion, she transformed a laptop and a handful of dreams into Purple Ray – a vibrant platform where art becomes accessible, affordable, and transformative.

Today, Vidula isn't just creating art; she's empowering others to do the same. Through Purple Ray's curated collections, design tips, and community initiatives, she invites everyone to unlock their inner artist, to embrace the artistic journey, and to transform their homes into spaces that truly sing.

So, when you encounter a piece from Purple Ray, you're not just witnessing stunning aesthetics. You're experiencing the culmination of Vidula's passion, her vision, and her unwavering belief in the transformative power of art. You're joining a community where creativity thrives, individuality is celebrated, and homes become more than walls – they become living testaments to the beauty that arises when art meets soul.

Welcome to the vibrant world of Purple Ray, where Vidula Sathe orchestrates the symphony of art, home, and human connection. Come, dance with colors, explore your own creative alchemy, and discover the magic that awaits.