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Warli painting, is a style of art created by the tribal people from the north Sahyadri range in the state of Maharashtra, India. The paintings are done using basic shapes: a circle, a triangle, & a square and are symbolic of different elements of nature.

We have tried to bring forth the digital versions of the original Warli paintings, with a slight twist! This picture shows the traditional dance of the Warli tribe.

Beautiful and colorful paintings to grace your home and office walls. These sure will brighten up the space with vibrant colors. All the paintings are prints of our original paintings printed on high quality art paper.

Size without frame: 10" x 10"
Shape: Square

Material: Art Prints: 320gsm high quality art paper

Downloadable Prints:

You can download a high quality digital print of this painting. Later you can print it on high quality art paper or canvas and get it framed.

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  2. After we receive the order, we will email you with a high resolution print of that painting.
  3. You can download the painting as per the instructions you receive in the email and decorate your home and office walls :)

These are not framed. Due to shipping constraints we are not providing the option of framing. Please write to us at purplerayart@gmail.com incase you need them framed. We will arrange for it accordingly. Note that in this case, framing & shipping charges will be extra.

Note: Colors might vary from the actual product.

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