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Pancha Tattva Air Coffee Mug

Pancha Tattva Air Coffee Mug

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Pancha Tattva, a fundamental concept in ancient Indian philosophy and Ayurveda, refers to the five essential elements that constitute the physical universe.

Following the universal law of life, everything on this planet consists of five basic elements, which are also referred to as “Panchamahabhuta”. These elements of tattvas are:

  • Akash (Sky or Space)
  • Vayu (Air)
  • Jal (Water)
  • Agni (Fire)
  • Prithvi (Earth)

Panchamahabhoota is not just a theoretical concept but also a practical framework employed in various disciplines, including Ayurvedic medicine and yoga, to understand the interplay of these elements within the human body and the external environment.

Vayu (Air):

  • Qualities: Movement, expansiveness, and lightness.
  • Associated Properties: Represents the essential quality of air and is associated with the sense of touch.
  • Representation: Symbolizes the force that pervades all space, carrying the breath of life and facilitating communication.

Material: Ceramic
Size: 11oz / 325ml

Please note that colors in the photo might slightly differ from the actual product due to change of medium and lighting conditions.

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