Corporate Eco-freindly Gifts

Our ecofriendly gifts include copper glasses, bamboo products, jute products, plants and more.

We offer bespoke solutions with attention to every minute detail right from high quality products to customizations and corporate packaging. We constantly thrive on innovative ideas for our corporate partners.

Do write to us or connect on Whatsapp with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You could also fill this form and we will contact you right away.

Jute Plant Bags

Plantable Stationery

Fabric Stationery Holders / Pouches

Sustainable Copper Products

Bamboo Travel Mugs

Handcrafted Wooden Pen Holder & Plant Pot

Bamboo Speaker & Mobile Holder

Bamboo Toothbrush Kit

MDF Pen Stands in Unique Shapes