Unsung Heroes & Lockdown Diaries

The world has hit a pause button due to ongoing pandemic. This is something we haven't witnessed in our lifetime and hopefully will not have to in the future. With the number of infected people rising every second and no end of this situation in sight, there are a few rays of hope that make their way through the dark clouds, which remind us that life is still beautiful and there are people who care.

Almost every household in India, mostly in big cities and mid-sized towns, we have house help for everything. We have maids for cleaning, mopping, cooking and even for small things like dusting the furniture, maintaining our gardens, housekeeping staff to keep big societies clean. We in India also have the privilege of garbage being picked from our doorstep due these wonderful people who work tirelessly for us. We are now realizing how important these things are because we have to do them ourselves due to the lockdown.

After a few days of lockdown I got a call from my maid. She said, "Tai kashya ahat tumhi?".... ("How are you all doing?"). She was worried that the extra burden of household work would be on me because everybody was at home. She was sad that she couldn't help me in this situation. I got a similar call from my maid who cooks for all of us everyday.

They both knew that I was going to pay them their entire salary in spite of the lockdown. So why the need to call?

That's when I realized how much we take these relations for granted. These are the small hopes and relations in life which are formed unknowingly and have a great impact on our life and its just that we done realize it.

My artists who work for me behind the scene, are also such amazing people, who are struggling during these difficult times because everything has come to a sudden halt. They are still going out of their way to help people who are in need, people who need food and shelter in these difficult times.

These are a few beautiful things about living in India that I am thankful for. On this note, we hope you are staying at home and staying safe!