Our Very Own Immunity Boosters

One of the most talked about terms during the ongoing pandemic has been “boosting immunity”. Not that we didn’t use it or hear it before, but it has taken on a whole different dimension now.

Thankfully, what we CAN do to boost our immunity does not need a new dimension! All we need to do is revive our way of living.

Metals like copper, brass and bronze had been used in our households for centuries, until they were ousted by the seemingly more practical and easy-to-maintain plastic.It’s now time to remind ourselves of the benefits of these metals and mindfully bring them back in our daily use for all the right reasons.

Copper, for instance, is an essential mineral for the functioning of the human body. It strengthens the immune system and plays a vital role in the production of new and healthy cells. It is known to boost collagen, speed up the metabolic rate, improve digestion, and detoxify the body.

Besides bringing all these benefits, metal containers are a great way to live sustainably and reduce the need for disposables.

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- By Shweta Agharkar for Purple Ray Art & Design