Pichwai Art

Explore Pichwai: The Divine Art of Rajasthan for Modern Living

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian art forms, Pichwai art holds a special place. Originating in the temple town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan, these captivating paintings are not just visual delights, but windows into the devotional world of Vaishnavism. Traditionally adorning the backdrops of Shrinathji (a form of Lord Krishna) idols, Pichwai paintings narrate stories from Krishna's life, celebrate Hindu festivals, and embody a deep sense of devotion.

A Journey Through Colors and Symbols:

Pichwai art is known for its rich use of natural colors, intricate details, and a distinct style. Gold accents add a touch of divine opulence, while the captivating imagery transports viewers to a world of celestial beauty.

At Purple Ray, we bring the magic of Pichwai art to your everyday life through a range of stunning products:

  • 2024 Calendar: Plan your year surrounded by the serenity of Pichwai art. Each month features a breathtaking Pichwai design, be it the playful elegance of Pichwai Lilies or the vibrant joy of Pichwai Sunflowers.


  • Table Coasters: Protect your furniture and add a touch of artistic flair with our Pichwai-inspired table coasters. Choose from a variety of designs, including the delicate beauty of Pichwai Florals or the intricate patterns of Pichwai Diamonds.


  • Coffee Mug: Elevate your daily coffee ritual with a Pichwai art coffee mug. Each sip becomes a moment of artistic appreciation, surrounded by captivating motifs and rich colors.

          Pichwai coffee mug

  • Cushion Covers: Transform your living space with the charm of Pichwai art. Our cushion covers, featuring captivating designs like Pichwai Lilies or Pichwai Sunflowers, add a touch of cultural richness and artistic elegance to your décor.


  • Tote Bags: Carry your essentials in style with a Pichwai art tote bag. These versatile bags are not only practical but also conversation starters, showcasing the beauty of this traditional art form.

          Pichwai pattern tote bag

Beyond Aesthetics: A Connection to the Divine

Owning a piece of Pichwai art isn't just about aesthetics; it's about bringing a sense of serenity and spiritual connection into your everyday life. Every design tells a story, every brushstroke evokes devotion, and every piece allows you to experience the magic of this rich artistic tradition.

Embrace the Enchantment:

Explore the Purple Ray collection and discover the beauty of Pichwai art. Surround yourself with the captivating colors, intricate details, and stories woven into each piece. Whether you're seeking a unique gift or a way to elevate your own space, our Pichwai-inspired products offer a perfect blend of cultural richness and artistic expression.

Visit Purple Ray today and embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Pichwai art.

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